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wholesale Spirulina Powder
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wholesale Spirulina Powder #1
EO Extract was found in 2001, has dedicated to the identification, development and production of plant extract from natural herb, supplied different natural active ingredient to our client.
Our advantages:
· Abundant herbal and plant resources in dabieshan Mountain without pollution
· Extract 1000 tons different raw material capacity
· GMP standard production line
· Effective R&D work team
· Modernized, rigorous and innovative management
· Nutritional supplements
· Health food products
· Beverages
· Pharmaceutical products
· Cosmetics
We enjoyed to adjust products characteristic on color, taste, solubility and content according to client’s requirement, EO Extract aims to constantly innovate the professional technology, serve the customers as excellent manufacturer of natural plant extract, in the meanwhile, upgrade and promote the traditional Chinese herbal medicines and plant extract all over the world.

                            wholesale Spirulina Powder


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