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Nike Air Max 720 ISPA Will Release this Weekend
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Nike Air Max 720 ISPA Will Release this Weekend #1
2019 Sneakers Release launched ISPA's new functional series last year, which symbolizes Improvise improvisation, Scavenge integration, Protect protection and Adapt adaptation. It has won the favor of many players. Recently, the ISPA series has launched new shoes, and the functional version of the Air Max 720 will be released this week. The Nike Air Max 720 ISPA is unique in its styling, making the Air Max 720 ISPA an exotic guest. Based on the Air Max 720 shoe model, a dot cutout and a dot-point design derived from Element 87 have been added. Not only the visual level is extraordinarily rich, but also the post-modern design language, which makes the appearance of this pair of shoes exceptionally "sci-fi".
Inspired by cars and bicycles, Nike Signal D/MS/X was born, breaking through the traditional concept, once again refreshing people's perception of Nike Shoes, this time there is a new color exposure. The upper is made of Nexkin technology, with a white color, complemented by light gray and black accents, and a unique deconstruction design that gives the upper a layered look. The heel is designed for everyday wear, with the D/MS/X logo, which sets a distinctive identity. The thick midsole, which stands out in a bold and bold shape, provides excellent support while also has a good cushioning comfort.
2019 Yeezy Boost,Since its launch adidas Ultra Boost has been a favorite running shoe for shoe fans. Recently, the new color adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 “Japan” has just been released, and the famous shop atmos_tokyo brings us the latest top-notch pictures. Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Japan is limited to Japan, from the appearance temperament, you can feel the rich traditional people style. On the white woven upper, the pattern of the tie-dyed rainbow presents a beautiful pattern. The tongue is embellished with the Japanese flag, and the overall color is very eye-catching.


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