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mix the meat into this dish, not to simply p
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mix the meat into this dish, not to simply p #1
KANSAS CITY Juan Thornhill Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys , Mo. (AP) — In an otherwise empty Kansas City Chiefs locker room, long after they had rallied to beat the Ravens in overtime and clinch a playoff berth, chairman Clark Hunt was asked what makes this year’s team different than all those that suffered postseason letdowns.His answer was refreshingly simple and candid: Patrick Mahomes.“I think he’s shown even more than what we thought he’d be during the draft process,” Hunt said with a hint of a smile. “In so many ways he’s exceeded our expectations, and when you have a guy like Patrick under center, you always have a chance to win games.”Even when things aren’t going perfectly.The Chiefs had watched offensive lineman Cam Erving leave with a knee injury, running back Spencer Ware hurt both his shoulder and hamstring, and wide receiver Tyreek Hill hurt his wrist and heel but remain in the game. Mahomes had thrown an interception into heavy coverage, special teams had made a rare mistake that allowed Baltimore to take a late lead, and the game was hanging in the balance.Mahomes responded with the kind of magic Chiefs fans already have come to expect.First there was the audacious, cross-body throw some 40 yards downfield to convert on fourth-and-9 and keep the Chiefs alive. Then there was the savvy dump-off pass on another fourth-down play to backup running back Damien Williams that forged a 24-24 tie with 53 seconds left in regulation.After winning the coin toss in overtime, Mahomes deftly led the Chiefs downfield for a go-ahead field goal, which wound up being the winner when the Kansas City defense stopped the Ravens on downs.“This game here, this was a big test for him,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “The rest of the season will be a big test for him, too. But this was a big test to this point, and I like the way he handled it.”Mahomes wound up throwing for 377 yards and two touchdowns against the NFL’s top-ranked defense, and his daring schoolyard plays helped the Chiefs (11-2) inch closer to a third straight AFC West title.“You see it on film Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys Stitched , but the things that he did, it’s just hard to practice that,” Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley said. “We work on drills when the quarterback is out of the pocket and you keep your eyes on your man. That big fourth-and-long that they had, it was all on the right side of the field and then he threw it up and made a great play. At the end of the day, they made more plays than we did.”Yes, the Chiefs’ record-setting quarterback didn’t do it alone. Hill made big catches in overtime, Travis Kelce had another monster game, and Justin Houston and the Chiefs’ defense made a series of crucial stops in overtime to help KC escape with a playoff-like victory over the Ravens.Now, they can clinch the division title and at least a first-round bye with a victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in another high-profile showdown Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium.Mahomes also can continue to scribble his name in the record books.He’s already set a franchise record with 43 touchdown passes, three behind Peyton Manning’s record for most during the first 13 games of a season. He needs 292 yards passing to break Trent Green’s franchise mark of 4,591 in a single season, and Manning’s NFL record of 5,477 yards isn’t out of reach.“He’s a great quarterback,” Chiefs wide receiver Demarcus Robinson said. “I think he always plays good. He’s got people who are 250, 260 (pounds) rushing him — he’s the quarterback, he’s got a tough job. So we just try to do everything we can to make it easy for him.”Mahomes is the first to point out that nothing he does happens in a vacuum. He readily deflects praise to his wide receivers and offensive line, along with Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, even as the owner of the franchise heaped it on him.“He has emerged as one of the key leaders of the team Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys 2019 , which is very hard for a 23-year-old player in his first year as a starter,” Hunt said. “But the guys really gravitate to him. I think it says a lot about his character. … I don’t run into anybody either here in Kansas City or somewhere else who doesn’t say, ‘Wow, that young man seems like he’s really special.'”NOTES: Chiefs president Mark Donovan said the team expects to return to Missouri Western for camp next year, even though no contract has been signed. “We’re fully expecting to be back there,” he said. … Reid said Monday that SS Eric Berry could play against the Chargers. “We will just see how it goes these next couple of days,” he said, “but there’s a chance.” Kenneth Temple is a devout New Orleans Saints fan. Ask him a question about his beloved team, and the first words from his mouth are 鈥淲ho Dat? Who Dat?鈥漇till, Temple, a noted chef who has cooked for several NFL players, including Malcolm Jenkins, Brandin Cooks and All-Pro receiver Michael Thomas, recognizes there are three other teams remaining in the playoffs. So when Hormel Chili asked him to create dips for the Super Bowl, he dived right in with versions that reflect not only聽New Orleans, but New England, Los Angeles and Kansas City聽.鈥淭he beautiful thing about it is chili and football go hand in hand,鈥?Temple says Juan Thornhill black jersey , noting Hormel was a partner with the NFL as far back as the 1950s. 鈥淎t tailgates or with friends at a viewing party or wherever, it is easy to accommodate a larger crowd.鈥滲ut his chore for now is to accommodate four distinctly different tastes as part of a contest in which fans will include touchdown dances; a winner and a guest will get tickets to the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami.We won鈥檛 give away too many ingredients, but suffice to say Temple catered nicely to each region.鈥淐hili is versatile, but you can鈥檛 throw everything in it,鈥?he says. 鈥淒on鈥檛 want it to be intimidating.鈥滷irst, the Big Easy.鈥淚 had to make sure I represent the culture right, being from New Orleans,鈥?he says. 鈥淣obody wants to eat shrimp with their chili, they don鈥檛 go together. So what to do?鈥漈emple quickly came up with an answer: red beans. Add in some onions, celery and bell peppers, sausage, creole seasoning, a few other items and, voila.鈥淚 was thoroughly impressed with it,鈥?Temple says. 鈥淔riends said that is rolling.鈥漇o he rolled on to LA.鈥淭he fun thing about Los Angeles is it鈥檚 such a large melting pot, so you don鈥檛 know which culture to pull from to represent the area,鈥?he explains. 鈥淚 came across a Felipe鈥檚 restaurant known for their chili, they do annual giveaways. So we paid homage to the Latin culture.鈥漌hich meant a touch of cilantro and some jalapenos.Next stop Juan Thornhill Jersey Mens , Kansas City, renowned for its barbecue. As in his LA chili, no beans for this creation.鈥淢y wife is from Kansas City and we went on a barbecue tour of about eight spots recently, so I knew I wanted to play with the burnt ends,鈥?Temple says. 鈥淭hat is what they do well and people wait on line for.鈥漈his recipe included the flavor of a Kansas City barbecue sauce, which Temple says is 鈥渟picier and bolder than I expected. I am used to more of the sweeter side of barbecue. I was impressed with the tang.鈥滺e wanted the smokiness of the burnt ends to blend in, but urges folks to mix the meat into this dish, not to simply put the burnt ends on top and chow down.Finally, he tackled New England, knowing that, like in New Orleans, clams or lobster wouldn鈥檛 quite work.鈥淏oston baked beans,鈥?he exclaims. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a savory sweet payoff, and because you can use a variety of baked beans, I can imagine you will get a lot of different flavors with it.鈥漈emple recently gave cooking lessons to Vikings star receiver Adam Thielen. Indeed, the dance contest emanates from some of聽Thielen聽and his teammates鈥?touchdown celebrations. From now through Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 3, 2019, fans can submit their best touchdown dance via social media by tagging @HormelChili on Facebook Bashaud Breeland Jersey , Instagram, or Twitter.Temple and Thielen created a Minnesota chili.鈥淚 told Adam that I am the chef, so this is my side of the field,鈥?Temple says with a hearty laugh. 鈥淏ut when I have an engagement with whomever I am cooking with, I want him to throw out some ideas and we bounce them back and forth 鈥?especially with people who do not get a chance to cook too many times.鈥漈hat would be Thielen, who had 113 receptions for 1,373 yards and nine touchdowns this season. Thielen attended the game last year in Minneapolis, but this time will be at home with his wife and two children.On the menu? Well, chili, of course.鈥淪ince I鈥檓 from Minnesota, I thought chili and tots would be perfect together,鈥?he says, 鈥渁nd Chef Kenneth said, 鈥榃e can add some creole seasoning on the tots and you pour the chili dip on top.鈥?The combo came out perfect!鈥


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