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How to Choose Affordable Freezer Option
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How to Choose Affordable Freezer Option #1
The right freezer for your food production needs depends on your business and budget. OEM supplier Advanced [font]Vegetable Processing Machine[/font] offers many freezer options.
Tunnel Freezers
Tunnel-type quick-freezers are a variation on the air-blast design, in which the products are frozen while being transported by conveyor through the freezing chamber. The rate of freezing depends on the temperature and speed of the freezing media (cold air or cryogenic refrigerant) in contact with the food. This is the most popular type of freezer used in the food industry.
AFE has recently introduced new field-proven hybrid model tunnel freezers combining hybrid technology for reduced energy consumption, modular designs for immediate installations and hygienic construction that was once considered impossible. These tunnels are applied to the processing of small meat products as well as many varieties of fruits and vegetables.
Drag-through Dolly Freezer
Conveyor lanes for the simultaneous freezing of up to three types of packaged foods.
Contact Belt Freezer
Fast freezing times with minimized hydration loss ideal for use in most foods such as raw meat, seafood, candies and baby food.
Contact belt freezers are most beneficial for poultry, red meat and seafood, rapidly sealing the product for elimination of moisture loss and preservation of quality and taste. Flat belts eliminate product markings or altered product shape.
IQF Fluidization Freezer
Exceptional efficiency, high velocity frigid air to fluidize and freeze the product. Fluidized bed freezers are designed for small solid particles (granular or diced) floating in a cooling media, which produces uniform freezing of product.
Plate Freezers
In a bowl freezer, artefact is set amid two adamant plates with refrigerant broadcast in channels housed central the plates. This is a acceptable advantage to anticipate billowing of artefact due to aggregate amplification from baptize to ice; the burden from the plates allows the aliment to accumulate its shape. Best ill-fitted for rectangular-shaped artefact with a array of beneath than 50mm.
Multilevel Box Freezers
Box freezers acquiesce accumulator of altered sized product. Simple apportionment arrangement allows for low aliment cost; best for artefact not acute to slower freezing times.
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