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Customized Snack Machine
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Customized Snack Machine #1
Product Name: Full Automatic Donut Machine
Application: Making various kinds of donuts
Country Of Origin: China
Condition: New
Classification: Donut Machine
This Full Automatic Donut Machine is equiped with stainless steel furnace, energy efficient heating appliances, automatic molding, automatic temperature control function. It can automatically turn the cake, using screw-type adjustable device, discharge port can be up and down arbitrarily according to the height of oil level.
There are two options of the discharged donut number, one or two at one time. On the dashboard there are two switches, one is electrical discharge and the other is linked discharge switch.
This machine uses precise orbit devices, import motor, which maintain its vibration in the lowest degree.
Large hopper design can hold 7L materials. Simple operation and high efficiency.
(mm)Net Weight
Full-automatic: molding, blanking, frying and outputting.
Oil temperature and conveyor speed can be adjustable.
The whole machine is made of #304 stainless steel.
Famous brand motor. Quality assurance, permanent repair.
As a professional manufacturer and designer of Full Automatic Donut Machine, we can offer various kinds of Full Automatic Donut Machine With advanced mechanical equipments and experienced technical workers that we can provide Full Automatic Donut Machine on top quality and best price. The Full Automatic Donut Machine will be shipping from China factory directly to your offered address. We are confident to be the best Full Automatic Donut Machine supplier in China.Customized Snack Machine


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