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Customized Series A Flanges
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Customized Series A Flanges #1
EO Flanges can provide ASME B16.47 Class 600 Series A Welding Neck Flanges, which Top of Hub from 26 to 60 in, Bore will be Specified by purchaser, Approximate Weight from 940 to 5000 lbs. etc. EO Flanges has been a professionally managed importer, stockist and supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are capable of providing a vast range of materials, from stock, to suit your needs. From highly specialized non-standard material to off the shelf items, from production to prototype, from low minimums to mill runs. Neha Metal & Alloys has the experience to solve your most difficult requirements.
Each of our department right from procurement, production, inventory, market, sales & services are fully automated for a better supply chain management, so as to offer the best product quality & prompt service to our clients. Along with technological equipment, manpower is also given special attention. All our professionals are highly dedicated and committed to their client's requirements. Our team of workers starves to provide quality service to you according to your specification.

ASME B16.47 Class 600 Series A Welding Neck Flanges
Nominal Pipe SizeOutside Diameter (O)Minimum Thickness (T)Raised Face Diameter ®Length Thru Hub (Y)Hub Diameter (X)Minimum Fillet Radius ®Top of Hub (A)Bore (B)Approximate Weight (lbs)Bolt Circle ©Number of HolesDiameter of Holes
26404.2529.58.7529.440.526Specified by purchaser94036282
2842.254.3831.59.2531.620.528Specified by purchaser106038282.12
3044.54.533.759.7533.940.530Specified by purchaser121040.25282.12
32474.623610.2536.120.532Specified by purchaser137542.5282.38
34494.753810.6238.310.5634Specified by purchaser154044.5282.38
3651.754.8840.2511.1240.620.5636Specified by purchaser170547282.62
3850641.51040.250.5638Specified by purchaser147045.75282.38
40526.2543.7510.3842.250.5640Specified by purchaser163047.75322.38
4255.256.62461144.380.5642Specified by purchaser203050.5282.62
4457.256.8148.2511.3846.50.5644Specified by purchaser216052.5322.62
4659.57.0650.2511.8148.620.5646Specified by purchaser241054.75322.62
4862.757.4452.512.4450.750.5648Specified by purchaser285557.5322.88
5065.757.7554.512.9452.880.5650Specified by purchaser333060283.12
5267.75856.513.2554.880.5652Specified by purchaser356062323.12
54708.2558.7513.75570.5654Specified by purchaser392064.25323.12
56738.5660.7514.2559.120.6256Specified by purchaser428066.75323.38
58758.756314.5661.120.6258Specified by purchaser464068.75323.38
6078.59.1965.2515.3163.380.6960Specified by purchaser500071.75283.62
Customized Series A Flanges


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