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bond’s a little bit stronger now. Guys really know
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bond’s a little bit stronger now. Guys really know #1
The periodic criticism of Steelers quarterback Mr. Ben Roethlisberger continues Nick Vigil Jersey , with former Steelers linebacker and former Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter becoming the latest former coworker to sound off. Current teammate Maurkice Pouncey isn’t interested in getting into a back-and-forth over it.“I said what I said,” Pouncey told reporters on Wednesday regarding his part support of the team’s quarterback, via Brian Batko of the . “Everybody knows I support him. There’s no point in even talking about it.”Pouncey called the criticism of Roethlisberger “absolutely” unfair, and he said again that there is “no point in asking that question.”The drama and dysfunction that have enveloped the team in recent months has had a positive impact Jake Fisher Jersey , as Pouncey explained it.“We’ve always had chemistry,” Pouncey said. “It’s just that the bond’s a little bit stronger now. Guys really know, man, family wins football games. You’ve got to stick together. You can’t just go out there with one player and do it. Everybody has to be a part.”He’s right Tyler Kroft Jersey , and the Steelers still have enough talent to make it to the postseason, and to make noise when they get there. Elite teams rarely have an organic opportunity to adopt an us-against-the-world vibe. The Steelers, thanks to guys like Porter, Antonio Brown John Miller Jersey , and Le’Veon Bell and the incessant praise of teams like the Browns, have it. Don’t be surprised if they turn that into a division title and more in 2019. The Bengals were willing to overlook a lot of bad behavior for a long time because Vontaze Burfict was good at playing football.Now that he’s not there, they sound relieved, but also a little wistful about a guy they propped up for so long (and through so many fines and suspensions).Via Katherine Terrell of Alex Redmond Jersey , Bengals owner Mike Brown sounded a bit wistful about parting ways with Burfict after seven seasons.“Burfict, when he was healthy and playing at the level he could play, was exceptional,” Brown said. “All this stuff that came on detracted from his ability to play effectively and we suffered from it. It gives us a little clearer path forward.“I don鈥檛 expect we鈥檙e going to have to defend whoever is out there this year the way we鈥檝e had to defend Burfict. And some of the stuff he was accused of in my mind was overdrawn. But it was the fact he was accused and we had all the repercussions with it.”Their ability to justify his actions came easier when he was playing well Bobby Hart Jersey , because he remains a disruptive player in the traditional sense. But between suspensions and injuries, he missed 37 games the last five seasons.And now he’s a Raider, and they get to explain him.


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