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been a hot topic throughout the past seasons.
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been a hot topic throughout the past seasons. #1
Finally Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , we have a time in the NFL where every team has a talented quarterback. Year after year, there’s always a few teams that are in need of quarterbacks. But with five quarterbacks drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft, and a few talented quarterbacks in free agency, every team has at least one quarterback on the team who is worth a starting position. To put it into comparison, at least five teams was without a starting quarterback caliber player. Although, some players surprised us when it came time to the season. The Jets and Jaguars were both surprised as their quarterbacks exceeded expectations, and they were both teams that originally needed a quarterback.Now let's go over this; this list is overall player. If it was based on strictly talent , it may be a little bit different. But there’s other important traits, which mainly include the success of the quarterback. A quarterback may put up some really good numbers, but if he can’t win, how good is he really? Some may disagree with the list, as it’s been a hot topic throughout the past seasons. But consider this list a more realistic version, rather than the Top 100 that changes year after year based upon a player’s success after that season. The 2018 NFL offseason was hectic in many ways, but the biggest stories centered around the amount of starting quarterbacks that changed homes in free agency. Oh Ugo Amadi Jersey , and Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Sam Darnold are all viewed as true franchise signal-callers, and they were top-10 picks in this year's draft.Like every offseason in NFL history, some teams simply took advantage of their opportunities and improved the roster. Other teams either stood pat (which was the wrong call), or signed the wrong players. In short, they simply failed the offseason and left their fans plenty to be concerned about as the 2018 season nears.But some more interesting developments took place this offseason Jonah Williams Jersey , too. Remember the days when standout cornerbacks and safeties got paid top dollar? That didn't happen this year, as many star players had to settle on cheap one or two-year contracts. Had they hit the open market last year or in 2016, the money would have been a lot greater.And another interesting offseason trend: Offensive linemen got paid like they never have before. Remember the days when it didn't cost much for teams to build up strong o-lines? That changed this year, and pass protectors entering their contract years in 2018 have the chance to set themselves up for big money next year.Those are just some of the big stories that happened during the spring and early summer. Now, let's zero in on the 10 biggest winners and 10 biggest losers thus far.


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