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are still within my person.No, but that doesn't matter, they'll send me back out anyw
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are still within my person.No, but that doesn't matter, they'll send me back out anyw #1
HOUSTON (AP) — When the Houston Texans take the field on Monday night against the Tennessee Titans in their first game since Robert “Bob” McNair died on Friday they’ll all carry a reminder of the team’s late owner and founder.Affixed to the back of each player’s helmet as they try to set a franchise record with their eighth straight win will be a small decal in the shape of a football with simple white block letters bearing his initials of “RCM.”One of the NFL’s most influential owners Womens Senio Kelemete Jersey , McNair had battled both leukemia and squamous cell carcinoma in recent years before dying in Houston on Friday. He was 81. The team did not release a cause of death, but said he died peacefully with wife Janice and his family by his side.While McNair hadn’t been around the team much this season as his health declined, he’d been a near constant presence in years past. He was often seen sitting on a golf cart watching his team practice or standing on the field before games.On Saturday before the Texans started practice, coach Bill O’Brien discussed McNair’s fight with cancer and his passing with the team.“He loved the Houston Texans and he loved coming out here to practice and he loved … the veterans will tell you, the guys that have been here a long time, sitting in his cart with (son) Cal (McNair) watching practice, driving around to the different drills,” O’Brien said on a video provided by the team.“And I just think on a day like this before we hit the field — this is his field — (we’ll) have a little moment of silence and then we break and we’ll go to practice. Because at the end of the day, guys, Bob McNair wanted us to win.”After games McNair, who dressed impeccably in a suit to watch the team play, would often emerge from the locker room to address the assembled media, beaming and raving about the Texans after big wins or lamenting that they had to do better after tough losses.This team wasn’t merely a business to McNair, he cared deeply about the Texans and talked often about his desire to bring Houston its first Super Bowl title.The Houston Oilers never won one before skipping town for Tennessee after the 1996 season. It was then that McNair made it his mission to return the NFL to the city. He formed Houston NFL Holdings in 1998, and on Oct. 6, 1999 Zach Fulton Jersey White , he was awarded the 32nd NFL franchise. The Texans began play in 2002.And whether near or afar McNair had been a presence in all 266 games the Texans had played since their inaugural game on Sept. 8, 2002, when they beat the Cowboys 19-10.Quarterback David Carr, whom the Texans chose with their first draft pick and who led them to that win, recounted McNair’s kindness and knows better than most just how desperately he wanted to win a Super Bowl.“That was really the only regret after I left Houston was that I wasn’t able to bring a championship home for him and Janice because they definitely deserved it just because of what all they did to bring football back to Houston,” Carr said on NFL Network.Now the Texans will continue that quest without McNair, under the guidance of Cal McNair, who has been serving as the team’s chairman and chief operating officer and will take over in the wake of his father’s death.The last full season McNair would see was a disappointing one, with the Texans finishing 4-12 in a year where J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson both sustained season-ending injuries.Early on it looked as if this would be another lost season for the Texans after they dropped their first three games.But instead of crumbling after that terrible start, Houston has bounced back to become the first team since the 1925 New York Giants to win seven straight after opening a season 0-3.Their next challenge will be facing a Tennessee team that is expected to get quarterback Marcus Mariota back after he missed the second half of the Titans’ 38-10 loss to Indianapolis after suffering a stinger.The AFC South-leading Texans lost to the Titans 20-17 in Week 2 in a game that Mariota missed because of an elbow injury.Titans coach Mike Vrabel, who worked as an assistant in Houston for the past four years, thinks that his team is better than it was in that game, but knows that the Texans have improved, too.“Other than last week, we probably were playing better defense than the first time, but you never know Dylan Cole Jersey ,” he said.“The great thing about this league is you have to prove it every week. Every day that you come to work, as a player in this league and as a coach in this league, you have to prove your value to the team. We have to get to work and be able to practice and prepare against a good football team.” It’s not often when a humble football blog such as ours gets a chance to see the inner workings of an NFL-calibe—well...a quarterback, anyway.But we get our chance today because Brock Osweiler, the former Broncos, Browns, and now Dolphins quarterback—WHO HAS PLAYED FOR NO OTHER TEAM IN THE NFL—has been kind enough to let us see the decisions he goes through on a daily basis on the gridiron.So without any further ado, the inner workings of Dolphins quarterback Brock Osweiler, who has never played for the Houston Texans.Am I playing?Yes.No. . . . . . . . ...Is this a pass play?Yes.No.Maybe????. .. . . . . . . .Will I touch the ball at all during the play?Yes.No.. .. . . . ....Hell yeah! What kind of pass play is it?Does it matter?..........Okay, long as I'm involved somehow.What play is it?Handoff to RB.QB Option.Trick play, RB is throwing pass to me...........Aw man, what kind of play is it?Special teams play.Wildcat...........Does it REALLY matter?I...guess?Not really...........The ball is snapped.I has a football, it's really neat.Look for an open receiver.Run the ball, even though it's a pass play.Toss ball into air and hope a bird carries it to the end zone...........Really REALLY matter?Not really...........Is there a receiver open?YES!YES!!! THROW IT NOW!!!Nope, they're all covered...........Ohmigod, ohmigod I'm running like a majestic Womens Corey Moore Jersey , brain damaged gazelle!Which direction should I run??Left!Right!Up the middle!..........Is there a bird in convenient throwing distance?Yes!No...........Where should I throw it?Where the receiver is now because object permanence is great.Where the receiver will be because time is a ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.Right into the ground because none of this matters...........Do I throw it anyway?Yes, don't worry, everything will be fine.No.Wait for a receiver to get open.RUN, FATBOY, RUN!!!!..........Should I just throw it and hope for the best?Do it!Do it and let's be legends!No, stick with the plan, let the play develop...........Going left - is there a pile in the way?Yes.No...........Going right - is there a pile in the way?Yes.No...........Going up the middle - is there a pile in the way?Yes.No...........Did the bird catch it?YES!!!, the creep flew away...........Did I connect with the receiver?Yes.I'm the greatest starting quarterback ever.No.Stupid receiver had to move.It went to nobody...Kinda depends on your definition of a receiver...........Did the receiver score a touchdown?Damn right he did!And he wouldn't have done it without my elite passing skills!No, he got tackled somewhere down the line, I think.I stopped paying attention...........I'm fantastic.Fly, little bird, fly!Did the bird score a touchdown?Yes!!!Little jerk got sucked into a jet engine and well.............Is the offensive line holding up?Yes.No...........Still protected?Yes.Not anymore...........How close is the rusher?Just got past the line.Less than a yard away....Mommy...........Did I score a touchdown?You're damn right I scored!No, I got tackled by a bo-hemoth with four heads and eleven arms.But I'm not injured.No, I got tackled by a bo-hemoth with four heads and eleven arms.I am hurt but can continue.No, I got tackled by a bo-hemoth with four heads and eleven arms.I am hurt and cannot get up.I'm fine Womens Jeff Allen Jersey , thank you for your concern, Susan.No, the turf monster rose up and bit my leg and said anti-Semitic things about my mother...........How many fingers is the nice man in the white coat holding up?Give correct number.Fish!..........I've been hit.Ooooooh boy oh boy, I've been hit.Can I get up?Yeah...not sure I wanna though.No, Mommy, I want to stay home and bake cookies with you!..........Can I get around the pile?Yes.No...........Is there a flag on the play? goodness, yes!..........Is it against us?Sigh, yeah.Nope!..........Can I talk my way out of it?LOLOLOLOLOL, no...........Oh.That's not where the ball is supposed to go.Can I stop the defender from scoring a touchdown?Yes.He gone, man...........In the locker room for concussion protocol.Did I pass?Yes, my brains are still within my person.No, but that doesn't matter, they'll send me back out anyway...........Did I hit a moving target?No, and frankly, I think they're being unreasonable asking me to.At least it's incomplete.Yes, and he didn't even have to lunge backwards to do it!In a manner of speaking...........Wait , wut?Okay, catch the ball catch the ball catchitcatchitcatchitcatchitcatchit.Did I catch it?Somehow, yes.Yes I did.I'm as surprised as anyone.No, but at least nobody else did either.Hey, if Coach wanted us to throw an interception he would've had me do it!..........Who do I throw it to?The double covered receiver, but I can throw a pass into a 2"x2" window, no sweat.The totally open receiver who doesn't have a safety anywhere near him and never will.Like at all.The receiver who is just starting to get open.Nobody.Just hand the ball to a defensive lineman, shake his hand, and wish him well on his way to the end zone...........Now how close is the rusher?Less than a yard away....Mommy...........Think about ponies.Because ponies are magic and awesome!..........Does it matter?Yes.Not really...........Daydream about tacos because this play has nothing to do with me.Then get back to the huddle...........Contemplate taco-eating ponies and give yourself a hearty pat on the back, your job is done here.Then get back to the huddle...........Imagine pony-eating tacos, because life is surreal, terrible and random.Then get back to the huddle...........Ah, screw it.Pretend to know and figure it out when I get to the huddle...........I've been incapacitated by something other than my own doing.Oh well, maybe there'll be a puppy in the locker room...........You and the bird do a coordinated touchdown dance complete with fireworks and an F-18 flyover.Help yourself to a taco and give yourself a hearty pat on the back on your way back to the sideline...........Does it matter?Yes.Not really...........LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!!!!Run you beautiful rollerskating giraffe, you!


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