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Air Jordan 1 Powder Purple Splash Ink for Sale
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Air Jordan 1 Powder Purple Splash Ink for Sale #1
Air Jordan 1 Powder Purple Splash Ink is made of coral powder and purple leather. The purple part of the black powder splash ink element is dreamlike, especially eye-catching. Finally equipped with white soles, the entire pair of shoes is sweet and eye-catching but without losing new vitality, it is really a kind of upper leg weapon. No original shoes are not developed, tongue AJ original Oxford cloth + AJ special anti-mouth pearl cloth + original impurity-free high-elastic inner Caspian sponge + special edge-elastic elastic shoelace
Air Jordan 1 Mid Coral Powder new color cloud gradient, AJ1's hot popularity today, so that the middle help Mid also dipped a lot of light, and gradually entered the eyes of sneakers enthusiasts, Mid created a simple and rich contrast with strong contrast The texture level, the upper is made of flip fur and the first layer of leather, the original box is packed correctly, and the texture is full! This AJ1 mid-top is the current exclusive style. It uses a powdered hair powder with Shanghai wave pattern first layer leather, and a particularly prominent silver mirror hook, which makes the overall more dazzling.
Nike PG4 EP Blue Red fourth-generation basketball boots are blue-red. The upper mesh material is equipped with a zipper system, the inner layer is hidden lace design, and the inside of the shoe uses a large mesh design. The cushioning of the midsole has been changed from the PG 3 Zoom air cushion to the full palm Nike Air cushioning. The shoes have a plastic printed pressure strip printed with the word Air on the midsole.Nike Max 97 retro style ancient ‬ cushion wild leisure sports jogging Shoes cherry pink, upgrade the original last open ‬ last type, original data development computer needle car meticulous ‬ marks, rebound PU model real air cushion foot sense outsole.


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