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414571-030 Air Jordan 13 Island Green
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414571-030 Air Jordan 13 Island Green #1
In order to improve the support and development of children in the Native American and Aboriginal communities, Nike will launch a dedicated series each year in the name of the N7 Foundation. Recently, a new n7 series shoes will be launched with Nike Air Force 1 as the blueprint. The overall body is made of light brown suede, and the toe and shoe side are still stitched with a partially tie-dyed fabric to create a unique American style. The midsole is made of raw rubber material, which echoes the style of the upper, and the theme style is vividly reflected.
Full leather leather body, unique classic style, Air Jordan 13 in the autumn and winter, has become the top choice for many sneaker players! The new Air Jordan 13 Island Green, which will debut next month, is impressive with its bright color and gorgeous material! Recently, the foot effect has emerged for the first time, and you can further feel its wild charm! The body of the shoe is set with a Tiffany-colored fur material, and the black vamp with crocodile skin texture is presented. The visual contrast is sharp and the recognition is quite dazzling! In the details of the traditional dress, silver carving instead of the traditional "leopard eye", the tongue Jumpman Logo is also supplemented with the same style embellishment, the wilderness of this subtle style, unique and expressive!
Compared with 20 years ago, the current sneaker players are more individual and unique. Just stop at the limited rare or rare niche, can not meet the needs of many toe wear, collection, can have a pair of fully personalized design private order is their top gameplay! Vijzbespokes from the Netherlands is a very popular sneaker customization team in the past two years. Unlike general customization, they are very good at color matching and creative design. The recently launched Nike Air Max 1 is very brand-named, and the body is made up of more than 30 materials. It contains various colorful patterns such as burst cracks, zebra patterns, leopard prints, details of workmanship and material design.


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